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TerraManta for Crude Oil now available on Microsoft Azure

TerraManta for Crude Oil now available on Microsoft Azure

For Immediate Release
9 a.m. PST
May 8, 2017

IRVINE, California – May 8, 2017 – TerraManta announces general availability of TerraManta for Crude Oil on Microsoft Azure, targeting commodities analysts, oil traders, and energy policy experts. TerraManta for Crude Oil combines analysis of geopolitical trends with crude oil market fundamentals (production, supply, demand, inventory, distribution, exports, imports) to provide deeper insights about future crude oil price movements.

The price of crude oil decreased from $110 per barrel in June 2014 to $28 per barrel in January 2016, surprising many energy analysts and companies dependent on crude oil prices. The reasons for the unexpected price decrease were geopolitical and widely reported as news. Although human experts examine geopolitical news, the growing volume of often conflicting information can no longer be effectively analyzed manually.

“TerraManta for Crude Oil captures global news about crude oil markets, identifies geopolitical changes, monitors crude oil market fundamentals, and identifies drivers influencing crude oil price movements using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology,” said Leon Kotovich, CEO, of TerraManta. “The current release of TerraManta for Crude Oil is managing over 21K individual topics – or drivers – which influence crude oil markets. Even a team of human analysts cannot manage so many drivers which are further affected by daily or even hourly changes. The global availability of computing infrastructure, ease of deployment, and ability to dynamically adjust computing resources on demand are critical enablers of success for TerraManta. That’s why TerraManta selected Azure as the cloud computing platform of choice while meeting our strict data privacy and security requirements.”

“We are pleased to see TerraManta bring its solution for crude oil markets on Microsoft Azure as it expands its offerings,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Azure, Microsoft Corp. “With Azure, TerraManta provides its clients with technology that delivers the global scale, security, and agility they can rely on.”

About TerraManta:
TerraManta is bringing a new level of intelligent insights to financial markets by combining analysis of unstructured data and fundamentals in selected market segments, such as crude oil price movements. Our first product is TerraManta for Crude Oil. To view product demonstration, please visit:

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