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Machine Learning Platform

For forecasting commodity prices

And managing capital to produce consistent returns in an era of unprecedented volatility

Commodities run the world

Crude oil.  Olive oil. Corn.  Wheat.  Soybeans.  Precious metals.  Rare earth metals.  Natural gas.   Just to mention a few.   Commodities enable and power everything.   In the era of increasing volatility in commodity markets, it became increasingly difficult to reliably forecast commodity prices.  Until now.

Above average returns 

While more than two thirds  of commodity focused hedge funds closed since 2012, commodities returned more than any other asset class.  Crude oil (WTI front month contract) went from negative $40 to over $100 per barrel.  

Yet the average hedge returned about 12% in 2021.  

Commodities represent an even greater opportunity as the world transitions to sustainable energy sources.  

Read.  Understand.  Never forget.

Geo political and economic events directly influence commodity fundamentals: supply, demand, inventory, distribution, exports and imports.  Reading thousands of articles and analyst reports from professional data sources every hour,  our software acts as a team of human analysts - without biases. 

Gain deeper insights.  Never sleep. 

Our software analyzes supply, demand, inventory, distribution, exports and imports data from both  structured and unstructured data sources.  Then it begins to understand relationships between events such as sanctions on potential reduction of exports while equally understanding behavior of certain countries ignoring the sanctions.   The result - a much more accurate perspective.   Using generative AI technology, actionable market assessments are provided with recommended trading strategies.

Capture Market Reactions.

As the commodity  fundamentals change as a result of geo political events and economic events, the  futures markets react with a price action.  Our software captures these price actions forming the foundation of our proprietary machine learning approach - Reflection of Reality.

Reality Repeats.  Price  Behavior Repeats.

In commodity markets - the reality is what matters in understanding price behavior.  Sanctions, pipeline disruptions are as real as reductions in exports and inventory - and resulting price actions are just as real.  When the same market behavior begins to occur again, our software can recognize it and generate a price forecast based on the emerging confidence that the same reality is about to repeat again.  Simple.  Yet very effective and accurate.


Harnessed by machine learning.

Above average consistent returns.

Volatility is the driver of greater returns.  

Risk management is the driver of consistent returns.  

Our software not only continuously forecasts commodity prices for select liquid contracts but it also learns from human traders how to manage risk across the entire portfolio. 

Machines learn from humans. 

Then machines make humans better traders.  

Better traders generate above average consistent returns. 

TerraManta platform - by the numbers


Years of data processed by TerraManta platform


of closing day price forecasts for WTI front month contract


Days - the duration of each WTI price forecast


Accuracy of 21 day price forecast - across the entire curve


Trials and 1 contract with a global energy company 



Annualized returns in TerraManta paper trading fund. 

Please note:  past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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