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Higher volatility is ahead

As the global economy transitions to renewable and sustainable energy resources, commodity markets will experience higher volatility

Higher volatility = greater opportunity for returns

Crude oil is the biggest commodity market in the world.  That's why TerraManta selected forecasting crude oil futures as the first area of focus. 

In 2018, TerraManta was approached by a global commodities trader and producer to demonstrate how our technology could be used to forecast corn futures.  The accuracy of forecasts was nearly the same as the crude oil futures forecasts. 

Our future plans include support for additional commodity futures contracts, creating more avenues to diversity risk while maximizing opportunities during the transition to the sustainable and renewable economy.

TerraManta collected and processed using our machine learning platform over 9 years of data from three data sources:  geo political & economic events, weekly & monthly fundamentals data, and price actions.

TerraManta platform is always learning about continuous evolution of global commodity markets. 

TerraManta will be ready to trade commodity futures contracts which will power the new sustainable economy, such as hemp and other crops essential for bio-fuel and bio-plastics manufacturing.

Ready for the sustainable economy of tomorrow

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