Commodities are the new FANG

In 2016, TerraManta was one of the first to state that #commodities ran, run, and will run the world.

TerraManta also built #machinelearning platform to forecast #commodityprices and manage assets by trading liquid commodities contracts, starting with #WTI #crudeoil front month contract and selected #corn futures.

Fast forward to 2022

In 2022, Nick Giacoumakis, CEPA, CVGA said "the new FANG is going to be fuel, agriculture, natural resources, and gold.”

At TerraManta, our perspective is identical.

Ready for the future of sustainable economy

As the world transitions to #renewable and #sustainable energy sources. the volatility in commodity markets represents a substantial opportunity for asset managers, perhaps even the biggest since the industrial revolution.

TerraManta machine learning platform is already learning about the commodities of the future creating the foundation for #machinelearning enabled trading.

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