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Crypto Currencies or Commodities?

TerraManta received many inquiries whether there are any future plans to support investment in crypto currencies. Our answer has always been the same: highly unlikely.

While Crypto Currencies and Commodities share the same first letter - C, that's where similarities end.

What if Everyone Traded Crypto Currencies?

“In a short time, everyone would be hungry because there would be no one to grow corn. Everyone would also be acclimating to complete darkness because power plants would stop working. The majority of electricity is still generated by burning fossil fuels."

While commodity prices are influenced by real humans trying to conduct real life activities, crypto currencies are influenced by late market participants who are buying from early market participants.

In other words, as long as early market participants can convince late market participants that buying crypto currency of the day is a sure bet, the resulting excitement may seem like market behavior.

Except it's not.

Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows files for bankruptcy

On July 2, 2022, cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy in a bid to protect its US assets from creditors in the country, as reported earlier by Bloomberg and CNBC. Representatives for the Singapore-based company made the filing in a Southern District New York court on Friday, which legally protects the US assets of insolvent foreign debtors from creditors in the US.

Three Arrows Capital managed $10 billion as early as March 2022, later shrinking to $3 billion."

Human Consumption is a Better Premise for Investment

“Commodities Run The World.”

As more humans are born and require more food, cleaning products, energy, clothing .... trading commodities futures will be a much more compelling proposition for strategic investors.

The use of corn in human activities may surprise you.

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