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Does forecasting crude oil prices using machine learning work? Yes

TerraManta invites the reader to be the judge.

The price of crude oil is in the price of everything.

Returning to March 2023

On March 16, 2023, TerraManta published a blog post titled Will Inflation Persist.

The WTI Front Month contract decreased from about $80 / barrel (mid January 2023) to $68 / barrel (mid March 2023).

At that time, TerraManta suggested that crude oil prices would increase, referring to only 2 major developments being monitored very closely.

TerraManta continuously learns and manages tens of thousands indicators about major commodities which we call 3-Way-Learning Relationships.

The number of 3-Way-Learning-Relationships is always growing.

The number of 3-Way-Learning-Relationships is always growing.

Did crude oil prices increase?

In a word - yes.

WTI Front Month contract is near $81 per barrel

This represent a $13 per barrel increase from mid March 2023.

TerraManta price forecasts are approaching 85% accuracy

Commodities ran, run, and will run the world

TerraManta is the only company which applies machine learning to forecast commodity prices by continuously learning how geopolitical events influence fundamentals (supply, demand) and result in a price action as evidenced by markets behavior.

TerraManta welcomes serious inquiries from investors who want to see machine learning solve real problems in today's world.

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