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Keep an eye on crude oil while keeping an eye on sustainable investments

Currently, #fossil fuels still supply about 84% of global #energy needs and about 65% of #electricity generation. The transition to #renewable energy sources will not be an easy journey.

Yet this journey has to start somewhere.

The Starting Point

In order to understand the return on #investment of sustainable investments over a longer time period, it's essential to understand what drives the price of fossil fuels - especially #crudeoil.

TerraManta chose to first focus on the biggest #commodity market – crude oil, creating a proven foundation to support other #commodities in the future which are more important in renewable, sustainable economy.

The Next Steps

“Who will be ready to successfully trade commodities in the sustainable economy?"

TerraManta plans to focus on commodities needed for current #battery production: #cobalt, #lithium, #copper, and #nickel. It is equally essential to maintain awareness of solid state battery technology and required components.

Then, TerraManta will begin to trade commodities which will power the future sustainable economy. #Hemp is of particular interest. As more #plastics are needed to make #electric vehicles (plastics are lighter, extending EV range), plastic will be increasingly made from #hemp. Hemp can also be made into #biodiesel.

TerraManta will be one of the few companies well positioned to successfully trade in the new commodity futures markets - in the not so distant future..

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